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Newly Released

Our newest album Kaleidhaphonic Live! now available.

A Colorful Blend of Ancient and Modern World Music
Kaleidhaphonic is a dynamic musical quartet that is breaking new ground in the fusion of world, trance, ancient and modern musical genres. In Kaleidhaphonic, African, Indian and Western instruments combine, weaving a colorful and mesmerizing soundscape of deep grooves, dancing rhythms, and simply beautiful sounds.
Kaleidhaphonic began as a duet between mbira player, Kevin Nathaniel and Tabla player Tripp Dudley. They were soon joined by Salieu Suso on Kora and John Ragusa on flutes to create a new sound based on traditional African music and the intricate rhythms of the Indian Tabla, with the added wildcard of a free-improvising jazz flutist and multi-instrumentalist.
Kaleidhaphonic’s live performances are receiving a joyous and enthusiastic response from their audiences. They are quickly building a reputation as a new kind of band, dancing at the musical crossroads of Africa, India, Europe, and America. Their music moves from the meditative to the ecstatic and back again, digging into the deepest of grooves, and celebrating the essence of sound. Catch them and join the party!